Calculator of distribution of sales proceeds

You can use this calculator to find out how the proceeds raised in an auction will be distributed: how much will go to the bailiff, how much will be used to satisfy the claimant`s claim and how much money will be paid to the debtor.

Subsection 32 (5) of the Bailiffs Act stipulates that if a financial claim that is subject to execution is collected partially, a bailiff may collect, as his or her basic fee, only an amount proportional to the collected sum of the claim. Basically, this means that if the claimant`s claim is satisfied to the extent of 60%, the bailiff`s basic fee will also be paid only to the extent of 60%.

Amount of claim:
Enforcement costs:
Enter rate of additional fee as percentage of result*.
For the claimant:
For the bailiff:**
Fee for commencement of enforcement proceedings:
Enforcement costs:
Additional fees:
Basic fee that has become collectible:
For the debtor:

Please note: The calculations are informative only!
* Pursuant to subsection 45 (1) of the Bailiffs Act, a bailiff will receive an additional fee in the amount of up to 3% of the sales price of the property for the organisation and conduct of an auction and for division of the total net gain of the auction, if the previous was performed by the bailiff, but not more than 2000 euros.

** Value added tax is added to the bailiff’s fee pursuant to subsection 32 (3) of the Bailiffs Act.