Calculation of bailiff’s basic fee from instalment paid according to payment schedule

This calculator is easy to use if you need to calculate the bailiff’s fee if you are repaying the debt in instalments (e.g. if you have a payment schedule or the claim is deferred by a court). Subsection 32 (5) of the Bailiffs Act stipulates that if a financial claim that is subject to execution is collected partially, a bailiff may collect, as his or her basic fee, only an amount proportional to the collected sum of the claim. When you enter the amount of the claim and the size of the instalment, the calculator will show you the claimant’s and the bailiff’s shares of the instalments.

Amount of claim:
Amount of instalment:
Bailiff’s basic fee with VAT:
Bailiff’s basic fee for collection of instalment:
Satisfaction of claimant’s claim:

Please note: The calculations are informative only!
This calculator does not consider the fee for commencement of proceedings, additional fee for enforcement actions and enforcement expenses.