Income against which claim for payment cannot be made

Income against which claim for payment cannot be made, i.e. income that may not be seized is as follows:

  • state family benefits, such as: child allowance, childcare allowance, single parent’s child allowance, conscript’s child allowance, foster care allowance, allowance for families with seven and more children, childbirth allowance, adoption allowance, start in independent life allowance;
  • social benefits for disabled persons: disabled child allowance, disabled working-age person allowance, disabled old-age pensioner allowance, disabled parent allowance, education allowance, employment allowance, rehabilitation allowance, in-service training allowance;
  • social benefit within the meaning of the Social Welfare Act;
  • allowances paid through the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund;
  • work ability allowance;
  • alimony based on law;
  • health insurance benefit within the meaning of the Health Insurance Act, except benefits for temporary incapacity for work;
  • state pension to the extent provided by law;
  • support on release from prison.

The above list is not final. The full list is given in § 131 of the Code of Enforcement Procedure.

If making a claim for payment on other assets of a debtor have not led to or presumably do not lead to complete satisfaction of a claim of a claimant and if seizure is fair taking account of the type of the claim and the size of income, a claim for payment may be made on the following non-seizable income:

  • compensation paid for causing of a bodily injury or health disorder, except compensation for lost income and compensation for non-patrimonial damage;
  • work ability allowance;
  • alimony based on law.

Please fill in the data form enclosed with the enforcement notice and return it to us in order to guarantee that the legal minimum is applied to you after the receipt of the enforcement notice. You will also find the data for on our website: For the Debtor – Forms – Debtor’s notice after receipt of enforcement notice. Please be advised that you should send us the documents evidencing your income with the data form. (Read more at Debtors – Enforcement notice, enforcement proceedings and Debtors Payment schedule).