Payment schedule

A debtor may file an application for a payment schedule to the bailiff for paying the debt in instalments either by e-mail, by ordinary mail or by delivering the application to the bailiff’s office or leaving it in the mailbox by the office door. Please submit copies of the documents evidencing your income with the application for a payment schedule: bank statement for the last six months in pdf format or as a printout received from a branch of your bank, certificate issued by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, employment contract in the case of a new job. Any of the documents submitted must indicate your income. You will find the form of the application for payment schedule at Debtors – Forms – Application for payment schedule.

Please consider your actual solvency when you will in the form of the payment schedule and note the amount of the monthly repayment. The claimant can agree to a payment schedule on the condition that the debt will be paid in reasonable time. When filling in the application for payment schedule, please note which of the following you would like to be released from seizure (or not seized) should a payment schedule be granted to you: bank account, wages or pension.

After your application for payment schedule is received, it will be sent to the claimant or the claimant’s representative for decision. The claimant usually makes their decision and announces it within a month.

When the claimant has made their decision and informed the bailiff’s office about it, we will pass it on to you.

In some case, paying voluntary instalments to the bailiff’s bank account in affordable amounts is a precondition to applying for a payment schedule. Making voluntary payments increases the likelihood of achieving an agreement about a payment schedule with the claimant.

Achieving an agreement about a payment schedule allows the debtors to continue living their ordinary life where the debtor pays the debt on a monthly basis according to the agreement and their bank account, wages and other income are free from seizure when the agreement is properly complied with. Please also be advised that if default interest is prescribed in your enforcement instrument, then the quicker you pay off the debt, the smaller the amount of the default interest added to the principal debt.