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Employees of Oksana Kuchmei bailiff bureau

Oksana Kutšmei
Trustee in Bankruptcy & Tartu Bailiff
Vladimir Kutšmei
Trustee in Bankruptcy, Assistant Bailiff
Angela Laig
Office Manager
Kadri Kivari
Aljona Kubantseva
Galina Oskar
Luule Kajak
Tel. 56 970 040
Maie Kiiver
Tel. 56 834 234
Office Secretaries, Assistant and Office Manager. Secretaries deal with clients, advise people participating in proceedings, accept procedural documents and answer the phone. Office employees also sort incoming and outgoing correspondence, send mail and coordinate the work of couriers. The two couriers who deliver procedural documents are very experienced and have excellent knowledge of their work. The work region of the couriers divides in two: one of them works in Tartu and it surroundings, the other in the remaining regions of Southern Estonia.
General Procedure Department
Berit Asuküla
Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Maiden Sinikalda
Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Lilian Pukson
Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Maarja Sõrmus
Senior Assistant
Ekaterina Kõopuu
Mari-Liis Uprus
Assistant to Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Märten Hunt
Assistant to Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Aap Kulik
Assistant to Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
Administrators of enforcement procedure and assistants who help the bailiff carry out the enforcement procedure work in the General Procedure Department. All of the administrators working in the office have a degree in law. There are a couple of thousand debtors in each administrator’s portfolio. The IT solutions used in the office ensure that the newest information about the new jobs of debtors and the property acquired by them gets to the administrators very fast. The data are immediately analysed and the necessary prohibitions are set, which is followed by the process of preparing the sale of the property. The primary goal of the work done by the administrators is to find the most efficient way for enforcing a claim.
Property Department
Inge Undrits
Administrator of Enforcement Procedure, Assistant Bailiff
Ilona Säde
Assistant to Administrator of Enforcement Procedure
The lawyers of the Property Department work on the compulsory sale of property. Their task is to prepare the entire compulsory sale process from the establishment of a notation of prohibition and actual viewing of the property to carrying out an auction. In no cases are the seizure and compulsory sale of the property a goal in itself and they are simply a tool used for quick enforcement of a claim, which is usually implemented after other options have proven unsuccessful.
Accounting Department
Irina Podlesnova
Karmen Juhkam
The accountants and assistants deal with the distribution of the amounts received in the official account of the bailiff. Every amount received must be linked to a specific enforcement file and payment orders for transferring the money to the claimant must be prepared. The money must be transferred correctly and within the deadline provided for by law.